Revolting Youth The Further Journals of Nick Twisp Move over Bridget Jones Nick Twisp is back In Revolting Youth The Further Journals of Nick Twisp America s own comic diarist returns with riotous adventures through the land mines of st century adol

  • Title: Revolting Youth: The Further Journals of Nick Twisp
  • Author: C.D. Payne
  • ISBN: 9781882647156
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
  • Move over Bridget Jones Nick Twisp is back In Revolting Youth The Further Journals of Nick Twisp America s own comic diarist returns with riotous adventures through the land mines of 21st century adolescence This sequel to C.D Payne s epic length first novel Youth in Revolt finds love struck Nick Twisp still on the lam from the law and his parents.Our 14 year oldMove over Bridget Jones Nick Twisp is back In Revolting Youth The Further Journals of Nick Twisp America s own comic diarist returns with riotous adventures through the land mines of 21st century adolescence This sequel to C.D Payne s epic length first novel Youth in Revolt finds love struck Nick Twisp still on the lam from the law and his parents.Our 14 year old hero and his multiplying alter egos now must battle blizzards, back stabbing aliens, vengeful parents, and school officials determined to schedule him into girls gym He conspires to play cupid, journeys south of the border on a secret mission, takes some gunplay lessons from his distraught mom, and still finds time to confide all to his diary while inadvertently wreaking havoc in cyberspace.First self published by the author in 1993 and released by Doubleday in 1995, Youth in Revolt has been hailed by many readers as the funniest novel they ve ever read Several critics have compared it to A Confederacy of Dunces Not widely reviewed, the three part novel has found a growing audience almost entirely through word of mouth Sales of the two Doubleday editions now total than 25,000 Foreign editions have been published in the United Kingdom, Germany, Croatia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, where it is a best seller.Youth in Revolt was produced as a TV pilot by Brillstein Grey and is in development as a mini series by MTV A 10 part radio dramatization of the

    Revolting Youth The Further Journals of Nick Twisp Youth Nov , C D Payne is an America writer of absurdist fiction and is also the author of the novels Youth in Revolt, Civic Beauties, Cut to the Twisp, Frisco Pigeon Mambo, Young and Revolting, and Revoltingly Young, all of which he has successfully self published He lives in Sonoma County. Revolting Youth The Further Journals of Nick Twisp by C.D Oct , In Revolting Youth The Further Journals of Nick Twisp America s own comic diarist returns with riotous adventures through the land mines of st century adolescence This sequel to C.D Payne s epic length first novel Youth in Revolt finds love struck Nick Twisp still on the lam from the law and his parents.Our year old Move over Bridget Jones. Revolting Youth The Further Journals of Nick Twisp by C Revolting Youth The Further Journals of Nick Twisp, Paperback by Payne, C D ISBN X, ISBN , Brand New, Free shipping in the US Chronicles the life of Nick Twist as he lives as a girl to avoid the police and tries to find his lost love, Sheeni Saunders. Youth in Revolt Youth in Revolt The Journals of Nick Twisp is a epistolary novel by C D Payne The story is told in a picaresque fashion and makes heavy use of black humor and camp The book contains parts one through three of an eleven part series the three sequential parts were published as Revolting Youth Open Library Revolting Youth The Further Journals of Nick Twisp Youth in Revolt by C D Payne editions First published in Subjects Nick Twisp Fictitious character , Teenage boys, Teenage boys in fiction, Fiction, Humorous stories, Diaries BBC Radio Costing the Earth, The Youth Are Revolting May , The Youth Are Revolting Youth strikes for the climate have gained global attention Tom Heap asks if young people can have a lasting impact on The Rebellion of the Youth in the s Synonym In , . million babies were born in the U.S in a year than ever before This was followed by . million in After , million babies were born every year until , when the Revolution Youth Ministry Youth Ministry, Student Starting a Revolution Too often teenagers are referred to and seen as the future of the church, when in reality, they are a vital part of the present mission of God as well Join us as we seek to Start a Revolution MATILDA THE MUSICAL Broadway Revolting Children Jun , The Broadway cast of the hit musical MATILDA, perform the song Revolting Children live at David Letterman. Nazi Germany Hitler Youth History Adolf Hitler believed that the support of the youth was vital to the future of the third Reich and aimed, through the Hitler Youth programme, to produce a generation of loyal supporters of Nazi views. Posters were used to attract members and membership rose from , in to , in When the Nazis came to power in other youth groups were forcibly merged into the Hitler

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    1. C.D. Payne

      Author and showman C.D Payne was born in Akron, Ohio in 1949 making him a contemporary of Richard Gere and Meryl Streep He spent his early years in West Virginia and southern Ohio, moving back to Akron while still a mere tot.He went to public schools in Akron, and then graduated from Harvard College, where he majored in history and participated in the annual spring riot In 1971 he moved to California During the next 25 years, he held over 50 jobs including newspaper editor, book publisher s assistant, proofreader, trailer park handyman, and catalog writer.Since 2004 he has been the proprietor of the Eyelusion Museum, a mobile discovery museum in a restored and polished 1964 Airstream trailer His latest mobile sideshow is a 1950s miniature town shown below called Zippy Town It can been seen at the Santa Rosa Handcar Regatta and other events.He is married and lives in Sonoma County.

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    1. It s taken me a while to put together my thoughts and opinion about C.D Payne s sequel to Youth In Revolt When we last left Nick Twisp, he had successfully hooked up with the love of his life, all the while completely estranging himself from his family, hunted by the FBI, a lost inheritance, a found fortune and adventures in crossdressing Revolting Youth picks up right where the first book left off Nick is still stuck in a dress, but with his lovely girlfriend Then all hell breaks loose Again, h [...]

    2. I wish that I could give this 3.5 stars, as 3 doesn t seem to be enough, but 4 seems too generous Though not nearly as fun as the first book, Revolting Youth is a hilarious continuation of Nick Twisp s crazy adventures as a sex obsessed teenager His continuing troubled romance with Sheeni, his run ins with the law and school officials, and his money problems are just as present in this book as they were in the first And Nick s mastery of the English language makes the book a delight to read, alt [...]

    3. It s kind of impossible for a sequel to be better than the original.That being said, Revolting Youth was just as engrossing to read as the first one was But it s half the length, so it didn t provide me with a full week of escapism into the teenage exploits of Nick Twisp aka Nick Dillinger aka Rick Hunter as did Youth In Revolt.It also ends in a way which sets it up for a third book, which I ll probably be reading very soon But it feels like a sloppy ending.

    4. This is the direct sequel to Youth in Revolt by Payne and it is a great follow up but probably delivers the same kind of stuff the first novel had The only reason it isn t up to par to the first is because the first novel was actually three volumes and this novel is just one thus you only get so much from it There are interesting things happening as Nick meets interesting characters but the plot is a continuation from the first as he tries his hardest to get Sheeni all to himself.However, I do [...]

    5. Youth in Revolt has been one of my favorite books for a long time now It s one of the few novels that a teenage boy can actually relate too without being catered to While it s difficult to relate to the main character, he s a completely understandable person Every decision he makes seems like the obvious course of action in his given situation Payne s writing style continues into this book as well, with observational humor and surreal situations that are proper reflections of teenage life Howeve [...]

    6. After reading Youth in Revolt I was so hyped to read this second installment of these wonderful books However I was very very disapointed by this book So different from the first and so far fatched Really would you get plastic sergery to hid from the cops and to be with your love for the rest of your life I think he went a little to far for the love of this girl and boy I felt sorry for him by the end of the book The funny thing is I still cant wait to read the third installment of these books I [...]

    7. A slight sequel to the excellent Youth in Revolt, Revolting Youth would almost have to pale in comparison to C.D Payne s first gigantic novel telling of the ups and downs of teenager Nick Twisp Revolting Youth is a third of the size of the former novel and while the book packs quite a bit of story into its pages, comparison with YiR is gonna levy a letdown.It s a fun book and it s nice to see where the characters are after we left them in the last novel, but for me at least the magic wasn t ther [...]

    8. Nej len j dobrodru stv z t ch ty ech tl ch kn e ek, ale p esto po d nemohu odolat A se Nick Carlotta Francois Rick vrtne do Ukiahu, Los Angeles nebo Mississippi, dr se ve ker jeho eskap dy u d vno za hranic uv itelnosti, ale p esto mu moje kodolib st st le je t fand Snad proto e jsem b hem dosp v n byl mnohem klidn j osoba, snad proto e by mu moje tehdej j celou odyseu se Sheeni neskute n z vid lo.

    9. continuation of Life in Revolt More teen angst Funny but and far fetched and completely unbelievable and unrealistic but a fun read none the less The idea that kids would have the access, the knowledge or the luck that these kids have in their expeditions is so unbelievable On the other hand, I like the authors great imagination and sense of humor Dry and raunchyjust like me O

    10. After finishing Youth in Revolt I was going to restart tackling the Western Canon once again But I couldn t pass up this smaller sequel Much of what makes Youth in Revolt an enjoyable book carries over However, the series starts to suffer from its own material The increasingly bizarre scenarios started to jolt me from my immersion in the Twispian atopia Overall, another fun book and not a bad sequel But I think I m ready to move on.

    11. Part of the charm of Youth in Revolt was the absurd but not quite downright unbelievable exploits of its protagonist Revolting Youth crosses that line than once, becoming, at times, just a little too outlandish and far fetched for its own good Though a fraction of the length of its predecessor, it feels longer and randomly cobbled togetherd yet, all the same, by the end it s impossible not to admit that it was kind of fun along the way.

    12. I suppose there are two reasons to revisit characters and settings from a pervious and well received book if you re an author The first being because they are so attached the characters that giving them another book feels right the other is to cash on the pervious book s success I feel like this book which was basically unnecessary falls into the latter Though still, if you like erectile humor by all means read away Plus having read Youth in Revolt don t you just have to read this

    13. So Youth in Revolt wasn t enough I went for the next in the series More of the same, really.I think at this point I m Twisp ed or is it Hunter ed out At least for the short middle term I can see coming back to this series when I m feeling nostalgic for the adventurous childhood I had in my head.

    14. Might have too fond a memory of the first book I read by Payne Youth In Revolt , which I remembered as having a witty and fun pacing to a really implausible Ferris Bueller type story with drugs, profanity, and sex thrown in This was kind of a paint by numbers follow up, nothing too impressive, but entertaining at times.

    15. Good follow up to Youth in Revolt Sometimes sequels can be a waste, but this was seamless with the same wit bring the story to an acceptable stopping point for a teenager s time Page turner, without the murder mystery.

    16. i loved youth in revolt and this book moves just as quickly and made me laugh out loud just as much c.d payne s books are always good to read when your brain is feeling too sluggish to actually read they most fast and are addictive like crack.

    17. I will never have too much Nick Twisp I want Revolting Youth brings the brilliant addition of Connie, Benecia, Mexico, Belmondo plastic surgery Nick s life and journals continue in the brilliant absurdity Absolutely fantastic

    18. An amazing sequel to an amazing book in an amazing series The book is in a journal form depicting the adventures of teenage rebel Nick Twisp, after we last saw him in Payne s previous novel Youth in Revolt.Payne does it again cant wait to get my hands on the next book to this great series.

    19. I am giving up and will never finish this book The first one Youth in Revolt was funny and clever This one is just of the same and becomes very tiresome after a few pages It is a short book and I am then half way through but I just can t get myself to finish it.

    20. Not for everyone, but it supposedly will be a miniseries on MTV return return Sequel toYouth in Revolt which had an underground cult following, especially after the self published book was picked up by Doubleday.

    21. This book is ridiculous About halfway through I got really angry about Nicks new diguise, but I was over that about 5 pages later These books are so well written and wild, that I can t stay mad for long no matter what happens Also, dump Sheeni

    22. If you like the Youth in Revolt this short sequel indulges you in the further adventures of Nick Twisp and doesn t disappoint.

    23. This book is a hilarious follow up to youth in revolt started out a little sophmoric, but oh, what a treat, as I continued on

    24. It didn t have the charm and magic of the first one but that is not to say this is not a great book I think CD Payne does a great job following up the first book right where it left off Read it.

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