Close to Famous A novel full of heart humor and charm from Newbery Honor winner Joan Bauer When twelve year old Foster and her mother land in the tiny town of Culpepper they don t know what to expect But folks qui

  • Title: Close to Famous
  • Author: Joan Bauer
  • ISBN: 9780670012824
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A novel full of heart, humor, and charm from Newbery Honor winner Joan Bauer When twelve year old Foster and her mother land in the tiny town of Culpepper, they don t know what to expect But folks quickly warm to the woman with the great voice and the girl who can bake like nobody s business Soon Foster who dreams of having her own cooking show one day lands herselfA novel full of heart, humor, and charm from Newbery Honor winner Joan Bauer When twelve year old Foster and her mother land in the tiny town of Culpepper, they don t know what to expect But folks quickly warm to the woman with the great voice and the girl who can bake like nobody s business Soon Foster who dreams of having her own cooking show one day lands herself a gig baking for the local coffee shop, and gets herself some much needed help in overcoming her biggest challenge learning to read just as Foster and Mama start to feel at ease, their past catches up to them Thanks to the folks in Culpepper, though Foster and her mama find the strength to put their troubles behind them for good.Book Details Format PaperbackPublication Date 1 5 2012Pages 272Reading Level Age 10 and Up

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      From joanbauer jbbiomlJuly 12, 1951 I was born at eleven A.M a most reasonable time, my mother often said, and when the nurse put me in my mother s arms for the first time I had both a nasty case of the hiccups and no discernible forehead it s since grown in I ve always believed in comic entrances.As I grew up in River Forest, Illinois, in the 1950 s, I seem to remember an early fascination with things that were funny I thought that people who could make other people laugh were terribly fortunate While my friends made their career plans, declaring they would become doctors, nurses, and lawyers, inwardly I knew that I wanted to be involved somehow in comedy This, however, was a difficult concept to get across in first grade But I had a mother with a great comic sense she was a high school English teacher and a grandmother who had been a funny professional storyteller, so I figured the right genes were in there somewhere, although I didn t always laugh at what my friends laughed at and they rarely giggled at my jokes That, and the fact that I was overweight and very tall, all made me feel quite different when I was growing up a bit like a musk ox at a tea party.My grandmother, who I called Nana, had the biggest influence on me creatively She taught me the importance of stories and laughter She never said, Now I m going to tell you a funny story, she d just tell a story, and the humor would naturally flow from it because of who she was and how she and her characters saw the world She showed me the difference between derisive laughter that hurts others and laughter that comes from the heart She showed me, too, that stories help us understand ourselves at a deep level She was a keen observer of people.I kept a diary as a child, was always penning stories and poems I played the flute heartily, taught myself the guitar, and wrote folk songs For years I wanted to be a comedienne, then a comedy writer I was a voracious reader, too, and can still remember the dark wood and the green leather chairs of the River Forest Public Library, can hear my shoes tapping on the stairs going down to the children s room, can feel my fingers sliding across rows and rows of books, looking through the card catalogs that seemed to house everything that anyone would ever need to know about in the entire world My parents divorced when I was eight years old, and I was devastated at the loss of my father I pull from that memory regularly as a writer Every book I have written so far has dealt with complex father issues My dad was an alcoholic and the pain of that was a shadow that followed me for years, but I ve learned things from that experience that have made me resilient I attempted to address those issues in Rules of the Road, and I took them even further in the companion book, Best Foot Forward The theme that I try to carry into all of my writing is this adversity, if we let it, will make us stronger.In my twenties, I worked in sales and advertising for the Chicago Tribune, McGraw Hill, WLS Radio, and Parade Magazine I met my husband Evan, a computer engineer, while I was on vacation Our courtship was simple He asked me to dance I said no We got married five months later in August, 1981 But I was not happy in advertising sales, and I had a few ulcers to prove it With Evan s loving support, I decided to try my hand at professional writing I wish I could say that everything started falling into place, but it was a slow, slow build writing newspaper and magazine articles for not much money My daughter Jean was born in July of 82 She had the soul of a writer even as a baby I can remember sitting at my typewriter I didn t have a computer back then writing away with Jean on a blanket on the floor next to me If my writing was bad that day, I d tear that page out of the typewriter and hand it to her Bad paper, I d say and Jean would r

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    1. 3.5 stars.A very heartfelt middle grade novel.Foster is unlike any twelve year old you ve ever met Although she lives in a small town, she has the big dream of one day having her own cooking reality show She is dedicated, determined and hopeful Even when times are hard, such as when her mama is the victim of domestic violence, Foster keeps her head on her shoulders She has to be strong for her mama and for herself Her daddy died at war, so she knows he won t save them from the evil Elvis imperso [...]

    2. Ok so I m pretty much a self proclaimed cupcake addict I mean come on, who doesn t love cupcakes Don t answer that because I probably wouldn t get along with someone who can t fathom the sweet goodness of cupcakes So why the rant about cupcakes Because my sister is baking something delectable and my mouth is watering, but mostly because the cover has finger lickin good cupcakes.Confession So that wasn t the only reason why I read this I ve been a long time follower of Bauer s work, and I wanted [...]

    3. It is such bliss to have access to recently published books Especially to an author I am really coming to love I love her style I love the issues she brings up for the teens, the characters in the books especially the ones who uplift the main character , how the teens learn, and how the problems are resolved More and I regret that I did not buy one of her books and have her sign it when I met her a few years ago even though that was the first time I d really heard of her.So, on to the book This [...]

    4. Bauer specializes in feisty female teens who have tough challenges and manage to get through them In this one, Foster can t read, even though she has passed sixth grade Her Mom is a singer, living with a guy who is an Elvis impersonator and claims he can make her mother famous He also is abusive, both physically with her Mom and verbally with Foster After he hit her Mom in the eye, they ran for it They end up in a small town and grow to like a lot of the people there Even Miss Charleena is actua [...]

    5. I ve really loved a lot of Bauer s other novels Rules of the Road , Hope Was Here I ve been excited to share them with students and have always looked forward to her new books I was disappointed by this book, though It may be because the book was written for a younger audience upper elementary instead of middle early high school but I felt that Bauer barreled through events and character development, paying them lip service without getting into anything resembling the depth she usually does with [...]

    6. I m not sure how I feel about this book This story seemed to be a mish mash of a thousand different things it felt like it didn t have a focus The story is about a 12 year old girl named Foster She is desperate to become a famous cook on the Food Network and is obsessed with a tv personality named Sonny The story begins as she and her mother are fleeing her mother s abusive boyfriend, Huck an Elvis impersonator They move to a new small town and meet a wide array of people There s the little boy [...]

    7. Alright, already I admit it I am such a sucker for a story where folks come to the rescue of those in need and a story where the ending is sweet and worth cheering for I just can t help it I guess it is so unlike real life any that I find I need books that make me feel good I ve tried all sorts of genresme creep me out, some drive me crazy, some make me think too much Now, class, what do you think the author meant by that statement Ummm, don t care and some give me nightmares for days Give me a [...]

    8. Two weeks ago I was walking through the Young Adult section of my library, on my way to pick up another book, when this one caught my eye It was the picture of the cupcakes on the front that drew me in and after a quick scan of the front flap I decided to grab it and give it a go Oh how I loved this book The main character loves to bake and actually sees baking as a means to making the world a better place mind you she is a 12 year old girl living in a tiny town in WV My kind of thinking There w [...]

    9. Close to Famous is about a 12 year old girl, Foster, who loves cooking The story takes you through her road trip to a new home in West Virginia There she meets many people who take part in her life and together they learn valuable life lessons from each other.This books isn t a favorite of mine, but it did have some valuable lessons and a strong theme that I think would be fairly easy for middle school children to understand One such theme is simply never give up as much of a cliche as that migh [...]

    10. This is another strong title by the always reliable Joan Bauer I love how her books often examine some kind of career and show teens or pre teens deeply involved in some activity In the case of Foster McFee, who just managed to finish sixth grade by the skin of her teeth, that positive activity is baking Foster has been baking since she got an Easy Bake oven at four, and she creates her own sweet concoctions Foster and her mother, a talented singer who has always been relegated to the role of ba [...]

    11. Damned if this book didn t win me over I started it with low, low expectations, because almost every book I read about kids who just lurve to bake is so twee and so obviously written by these books aren t aspirational, exactly sort of the opposite It s the same with most books for kids about art The adults just love food and or art and they want kids to love it, too And cupcakes Don t get me wrong, I patronize a cupcake shop regularly, but I was over the concept of cupcakes being the Next Big Th [...]

    12. Close to Famous might not be the most complex or original book in the world, and optimistic life cliches are sprinkled throughout and frosted thick on top like the main character s cupcake decorations however, it still alludes to serious and tough issues such as domestic violence and the economic struggles of both individuals and a small rural town, while also showing that we must overcome personal obstacles, do the best we can with what we have, and, most importantly, not be afraid to dream big [...]

    13. My favourite character is called foster because she is a enthusiastic cooker and baker Her dream is to have her own cooking T.V show and to be very famous just like her idol Sonny kroll She first was living in Memphis then they moved into a tiny town called Culpepper Her mother also has a dream Her big dream was to be a headliner instead of a back up singer.Foster likes to bake and she always bakes cupcakes and sell them to earn money Also she works at Miss Charleena s with Macon and Foster alwa [...]

    14. I am in love with this book I picked it up at 8 am and finished it at 2 pm the same day Something about it from the beginning I just loved it First, the tone of the book is very uplifting Foster is going through a lot in her life but the way the book is written gives it a positive spin I love that this book is realistic Children everywhere are part of families that experience abuse and Foster has her own way of dealing with things The overarching idea of her baking is what makes this book so dif [...]

    15. This book was great Personally, I love cupcakes and baking so for me it was a very interesting story to read It was about a young girl named, Foster who loves baking and cupcakes She admires the TV chef, Chef Sonny Kroll and wants to be just like him Foster s dad was killed in the army and all she has to remember him is a pillowcase filled with memories She has never really learned to read, but she is an excellent chef She and her mother had to quickly leave Memphis to escape from her mother s a [...]

    16. This is one of the best Young Adult books I have ever read It is about a little girl, Foster and her mother They move to a different town when Foster s mom s boyfriend starts getting abusive At first, Foster hates the new town, but then makes friends and never wants to leave When I picked it up, I couldn t put it down I loved Foster s character She was very sassy and very grown up for how old she is This book made me cry and made me laugh It made me cry when she would talk about her dad he died [...]

    17. I enjoyed this book so much I really need to read by this author Love the backdrop of the main character being a good cook but a great baker, but not being able to read or write She just memorizes recipes from the Food Network I worked up an appetite reading about all the different cupcakes and muffins she baked Some of my favorite lines from the book When Foster holds a cookbook she gets from the bookmobile over her heart, the librarian says, That s where a book should be carried There s nothi [...]

    18. Joan Bauer has a knack for writing books that take ordinary lives and highlight the extraordinary in them Her latest book is no exception Close to Famous follows Foster, who dreams of having her own cooking show, and her mother, Rayka, who wants to be than just a backup singer After a hasty departure from their apartment due to a less than mellow Elvis impersonator they end up in the tiny town of Culpepper In Culpepper it seems that everyone has dreams that are bigger than their circumstances A [...]

    19. My only complaint about this book It wasn t long enough Bauer has a gift for creating memorable characters, and I would have loved to spend time with Foster and her family and friends Also, I was really hoping for recipes in the back I really, really wanted a cupcake by the time I was finished reading this.

    20. This charming book would be a great prequel for tweens who haven t read Hope was Here or Bauer s serious novels yet This shorter, sweeter, Bauer novel deals with learning disabilities, a young girl s journey to independence and self assurance, and the wonderful world of cupcakes.

    21. Lovely tale of perseverance Kids who are challenged by learning how to read will be able to relate this Strong women in this book, too Love that.

    22. LOVE Joan Bauer I always feel good about handing her books to teens very clean and a positive message And this one revolved around cupcakes can t beat that

    23. Cute I loved it I think Joan Bauer is one of my favorite authors.I think the reading level was for about ages 10 12 but I personally would not recommend it to my siblings until they re 12 maybe even 14 because of the fact that Foster and her mother are running away from the mother s abusive boyfriend.

    24. 3 75 starsA sweet story, as to be expected from Joan Bauer I love her books because they talk about kids who might not have had the best life, but are still trying their best to best the best versions of themselves These are books I want my daughters to read because I know they will have positive effects on my girls.

    25. A fun, moving, and very well written story of a realistic spirited and sometimes discouraged 7th grade girl who struggles with family and academics Very well done I loved it and so did my daughters.

    26. Joan Bauer s novel Close or Famous is a realistic fiction book that talks about a twelve year old girl that had a dream of having a reality TV show on Food Network, but has doubts in herself because she can t read She lost her dad at war but baking helps her relieve all of her stress Her and her mother were trying to escape from her mom s abusive boyfriend that is a Elvis impersonator As they stubble upon a town they meet new and amazing people I personally really enjoyed this book It showed emo [...]

    27. spoiler alert Have you ever wannet to make a place a better place with only food Foster wants to do that but with one cupcake at a timee genre of this book is realistic fiction cause someone like foster can have the same dream or goal I thought those book was good cause it s based on things that happen in real life The setting of this book takes place a little bit in Memphis and In a town in North Carolina Foster is just an ordinary girl that likes cooking mostly cupcakes and her wish is to be i [...]

    28. Close to FamousAuthor Joan BauerBy Puppy LoverYou don t know the power of a cupcake until your life depends on it Foster s life depends on cupcakes and you ll have to read to find out how.Joan V has written 11 books for kids Joan lives in Brooklyn, New York Joan s novels have won numerous awards among them a Newbery honor Readers who like realistic books with good lessons for kids will enjoy this book The setting in this book is in Culpepper West Virginia In summer at a little house that Kitty a [...]

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