You re The One That I Don t Want Paperback Publisher Hodder Paperback Alexandras best novel yet is sure to be The One to turn this already bestselling author into a household name How do you know hes The One Are you getting butterfli

  • Title: You're The One That I Don't Want
  • Author: Alexandra Potter
  • ISBN: 9780340954133
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
  • Paperback Publisher Hodder Paperback Alexandras best novel yet is sure to be The One to turn this already bestselling author into a household name How do you know hes The One Are you getting butterflies just thinking about him Have you dreamt of marrying him Do you just know When Lucy meets Nate in Venice she knows instantly hes The One And caught up in the whirlwindPaperback Publisher Hodder Paperback Alexandras best novel yet is sure to be The One to turn this already bestselling author into a household name How do you know hes The One Are you getting butterflies just thinking about him Have you dreamt of marrying him Do you just know When Lucy meets Nate in Venice she knows instantly hes The One And caught up in the whirlwind of first love they kiss under the Bridge of Sighs at sunset Which according to legend will tie them together forever But ten years later they ve completely lost contact That is until Lucy moves to New York and the legend brings them back together Again And again And again But what if Nate isnt The One How is she going to get rid of him Because forever could be a very long time A funny magical romantic comedy about how finding The One doesnt always have to mean happily ever after.

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      150 Alexandra Potter

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    1. Alexandra Potter

      Alexandra Potter is the best selling author of ELEVEN novels that can be described as romantic comedies with a magical twist Born in England, she has lived in London, Sydney, Australia and New York and LA, and can currently be found clocking up too many air miles travelling the globe researching ideas for her new bookitter AlexPotterBooksinstagram alexpotterbooks facebook Alexandra.Poelovedetective

    723 thoughts on “You're The One That I Don't Want”

    1. 3.5 starsThis is probably my least favourite book by my queen Alex Potter but it was still fun nevertheless I love Potter s magical realism and humor The story was definitely interesting and funny, but the characters were a bit too manic and clumsy for my taste Alexandra s recent books are much better when it comes to this element Yes, the story is predictable but I enjoyed reading it I loved the supporting characters and their unique lives as well Overall, a fun quick read for relaxing your br [...]

    2. 3.5 starsDo you know the legend of the Bridge of Sighs They have a legend in Venice Kiss your true love underneath the Bridge of Sighs, at sunset, with the church bells ringing, and you will be together forever Nothing will ever be able to keep you apart How does that sound To 18 year old Lucy, that sounds like music to her ears She s madly in love with Nathaniel, and he with her So they decide to do it They kiss under the bridge, and decide to be together forever.10 years later, Nathaniel s unh [...]

    3. DUMB DUMB DUMB SO DUMB IT HURTS.Ultra chick lit, utterly predictable, clich d, far fetched and pathetic with zero dimensional characters I had to read this book due to a review week exercise I loathed it Lucy is an airhead I don t mind reading a book with a bimbo for a heroine if they have interesting idiosyncrasies or are funny or have that special something which makes them unique But Lucy is incredibly clich d and boring She s a struggling artist who doesn t understand what mergers or acquisi [...]

    4. I am the kind of reader that has moods I read anything and everything, but I definitely read different types of books depending on what I need to read if that makes sense Well, at the moment I need to read chick lit And this one was superb Ever since I watched the movie Only you years ago I have loved all the fate or destiny stuff When Harry Met Sally being another classic And Sleepless in Seattle another great.This story was all those combined The power of fate, with a supernatural twist The ma [...]

    5. 3.5 starsSweet, humorous, easy to read but got a little boring at some point before it picked up again I enjoyed reading it, but did not love it.

    6. Some funny bits don t make up for the predictable plot What I d like to know is how these characters always manage to snag TWO guys at the same time when it s hard enough to grab one

    7. First things first, this book may contain spoilers oh andI gave this book 4 5 stars because I was wondering whether or not I should give it 5 stars, but then after having a war with myself, I decided to stick with 4 stars Fair enough right I just want to start my review with, well, a few quotes that I love from this book If only men were like New York taxi cabs and had a light that they can switch on when they re interested and off when they re not available Then you d know exactly where you wer [...]

    8. This sounded like a great concept At times it was even cute In execution it requires a complete re write The main character, Lucy s feelings are portrayed to us redundantly I wouldn t be surprised if the exact wording was verbatim to the first time we were introduced to her feelings or her messy habits, or one of the other million things that made her completely unlikable Who would want to be stuck with this girl forever I d be doing my best to get rid of her too The ending was predictable The w [...]

    9. See, we can never be apart now Wherever you go, I go Nathaniel If you want to be together, you can always be together NathanielI d say the chances of marrying him are less than zero But that s OK I m perfectly fine with it That s just the way things are, and that s cool LucyOK, I confess I Googled him once Maybe twice Oh, all right, so I ve lost count over the years But so what Who hasn t gone home and Googled a man they re in love with Hang on did I just say the L word Lucy Everyone dreams of f [...]

    10. Refreshing indeed The heroine, Lucy is independent even though she has some issues about finding her The One back And she is so lovable compared to some other chick lit authors who made their heroine a shopaholic and seems never grows up Lucy is Lucy, with her quirky characters and had a wonderful housemate in the name of Robyn.And Kate, her sister is not a bitch I like the sister relationship Kate is workaholic but has a wonderful husband, who is totally brother in law material to Lucy Kate nev [...]

    11. This book is the definition of eh It s not terrible, but there is nothing particularly redeeming about it I kept reading because of a potentially interesting plot a couple bind themselves together for eternity, according to legend, and then discover they don t so much want to be together But the characters are stereotyped stock a clumsy, ditzy, gave up on her dreams narrator I m deliberately not saying heroine a New Age roommate a high achieving, workaholic sister Characterization is not a highl [...]

    12. Every now and then I make myself read a book from outside of my reading bubble Every now and then I find something surprising and wonderful This book is not one of these.A romantic comedy with a touch of magic I was half sold, considering that it was a no risk library book Hey, some reviewers even called it magic realism baby you have no idea what that is But I digress A romantic love guaranteed to last for life thanks to a magical spell in Venice So the young lovers drift apart meet again 10 ye [...]

    13. The plot reminds me a lot of the movie, When in Rome 2010 which really isnt a good movie but it was really funny and i laughed out loud a lot so that makes up for it.Anyway, both the plot from this book and that movie takes place in Italy, In Venice and in Rome obviously It portrays the different beliefs and legends of the italians about love and destiny I dont know if it actually works from real life That would be spooky.

    14. This was such a cliched rom com I wanted to finish it before I returned it to the library Lucy, the proagonist, fulfills all the cliches of this genre and manages to be flat and immature in the process If you re looking for a contemporary romance to read, there are better ones out there.

    15. When Lucy meets Nate in Venice aged 18, she believes that he s The One and that they re destined to be together forever When Lucy and Nate learn of the Bridge of the Sighs and the legend behind it that everyone who kisses underneath the bridge, at sunset, are destined to be together forever they go ahead and do as the legend says Ten years later, Lucy has moved to New York and she and Nate have lost contact until the Legend brings them back together again Lucy thinks they re fated to be together [...]

    16. What a nice story, it makes you wonder and reflect after reading However, I can t imagine the characters since they re not described in details.Catching lines That life can change in the blink of any eye All you have is right now So don t ever put off telling someone how you feel about them, don t assume that they know, because they might not and it might be too late The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire And yet you can spend a lifetime with someone and still b [...]

    17. Blago re eno u as Ja sam otvorena za te malo laganije knjige kada ho u da se opustim ali da li se neko alio samnom ova knjiga nema nikakv smisao, nema poentu nema ak ni opu taju ih komi nih scena Bukvalno sam pola presko ila i pro itala kraj Razo arenje This is a disaster Like for real, where is the point, i know i know be careful what you whish for and all tha jazz But it s just not good It s poorly written, you don t have point or any funny moment at all I skip half of this book I m so open fo [...]

    18. When 18 year old British girl Lucy Hemmingway met American boy Nathaniel Kennedy when they were in Venice, Italy, it was as if they were being hit by Cupid s arrow Perhaps they are young, or perhaps they got carried away by the romantic atmosphere that they kissed under the Bridge of Sighs at sunset with the church bells ringing And according to the legend, any couple who did that will be tied to each other for eternity However ten years later, they had went on separate ways and Lucy is now work [...]

    19. This book is not like any other books I ve read It s about a lady Lucy Hemmingway who believed in soulmates, destiny, kismet, fate, all those stuff about love At first read, you might think it s just a typical love story and will have a predicable ending then another thought hits you that maybe it s not While other books focused on finding the ONE, Lucy Hemmingway, the protagonist, only wanted to get rid of him Lucy and Nate met at Venice during summer in their teen years The usual couple in the [...]

    20. A ipak mo ete provesti itav ivotni vijek s nekim i jo uvijek mu biti stranac, ali isto tako mo ete nakratko sresti nekoga tko vas vidi u du u Mo e li se ljubav mjeriti vremenom Bilo ime Ili je to ne to neobja nivo to nema razumnog, znanstvenog obja njenja Ne to to se jednostavno dogodi Poput arolije.

    21. Una chica de Inglaterra Un chico de Estados Unidos Se conocen en Venecia, se enamoran, viven una hermosa y apasionada historia de amor, y entonces escuchan de una leyenda, la del Puente de los Suspiros, si se besan bajo ese puente estar n juntos por toda la eternidad Para siempre Pero entonces llega el final del verano y los dos deben volver a sus hogares, un a o pasa en el cual su relaci n se mantiene mediante cartas y llamadas, hasta que un d a l llama y le dice que rompen y que se va a casa c [...]

    22. So I started this book with a frown This normally isn t my kind of read, but I do love sappy love stories So when my friend got it for me, I was happy nevertheless I, indeed, expected one of those sappy love stories that make you swoon, but I was fairly disappointed.Lucy and Nathaniel met in Venice at the age of 18 and 20 Madly in love with each other they kissed under the Bridge of Sighs Only after they got seperated since Lucy lived in England and Nate in America Nathan got married to another [...]

    23. I hate Lucy when she s with Nate But I love her when she s with Adam The thing is, in the part where she realized that she does not love Nate any is that part where she started a new love with Adam They clicked when they are together She is happy and acts like her real self when she is with him From this part on, it s like watching a chick flick movie The feel good one that would make you smile and would make you think that, hey true love can be possible and though it is hardwork, true love is w [...]

    24. I really liked the concept of this book what if you can t get away from someone who s obviously not the one after all And Lucy is a really likeable main character, which is so important I thought Nate was awful and underwent a complete transformation from the time he spent in Venice with Lucy to when se sees him again in New York, it s hard to believe they were the same person I thoughts some parts were a bit predictable, but nevertheless, this was an enjoyable read.

    25. The prologue of the story was quite catching I got really excited in the beginning it was obviously a budding romance between two teenagers who were destined to be together for a lifetime But as I read into the story, I did find it for the most part really tedious Although it made an about face at the end when it was too funny to put down because of the constant bickering between Lucy and Nate.

    26. A friend of mine borrowed this book to me saying it was awesome and that she loved it a lot and so I decided to give it a go and wow do I love it This is the first novel I read by Alexandra Potter Definitely not the last Bought my own copies of Be careful what you wish for and do you come here often Amazing author.

    27. I liked it.But I could not say that I loved itAnd it is not that funny so I could say that it is a romantic comedy.ere is a little humor, a little sarcasm, affection and love story although I did not get the chemistry.But I loved the charactersI loved the way Alexandra Potter descibed it.It is plainly written.Alexandra Potter is a great writer but maybe not the best storyteller.

    28. Very Cute story and funny I started to feel bad for both of them, they really wanted out I did wish that the Author told a little bit about what happened to Daniel when they were on the bridge Did he leave Was he angry when she was kissing Adam Did he get Beth back Hints why it got a four and not a five Other than that, I thought it was a nice twist on a classic type of story.

    29. I m happy with this book It was hilarious and by reading the prologue, I thought of the ending quite differently There were the moments I had to laugh out loud while reading I would recommend this to a friend who wants a good laugh and enjoys chick lits like I do.

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