Lu a mikrokozma II e a II e a

  • Title: Luča mikrokozma
  • Author: Petar II Petrović Njegoš
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 209
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  • II 1845 , , e a II 1845 , , e a .

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      209 Petar II Petrović Njegoš

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    1. Petar II Petrović Njegoš

      Radivoje Rade Tomov Petrovi was born on 13 November 1 November Old Style , 1813 in the village of Njegu i, the capital of the Montenegrin district of Katunska Nahija He was the son of Tomo Markov Petrovi and Ivana Prorokovi Petrovi He had two brothers, Pero and Jovan, and two sisters His was a member of the House of Petrovi Njego , Prince Bishops of Montenegro for over a century At the time of his birth, Montenegro did not exist as a state The borders were undefined and Montenegro was recognised as part of the Ottoman Empire, while its de jure ruler was a Venetian Governor Power actually lay with the squabbling, disunited clan chiefs, who variously recognised the authority of the Austrian Empire, the Republic of Venice, the Ottoman Empire or the Cetinje Metropolitan Prince Bishop.Njego spent his early years in Njegu i In 1825, his uncle Prince Bishop Peter I sent him to the Cetinje Monastery to be tutored He wrote his first poems there to entertain the local chiefs and monks In the middle of the year, Radivoje was sent to the Topla monastery near Herceg Novi, where he was taught Italian, mathematics, ecclesiastical singing, the Psalter and other subjects by the monastery s hieromonk, Josip Tropovi He remained in Tople until the end of 1826, when he returned to Montenegro s capital, Cetinje.On 20 January 1827, Prince Bishop Petar I named Radivoje as his successor Petar wanted to send Njego to Russia, but he lacked the needed funds, so he decided to educate Rade himself He taught him Italian, Russian, German, English and French Petar also gave Rade access to his extensive library The Prince Bishop assigned one of the foremost Serb writers of the time, Sima Milutinovi Sarajlija of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, to be Radivoje s new teacher He was taught the Classics, art, history, philosophy and literature.Rade became the Bishop of Cetinje and Viceroy Metropolitan of Montenegro on 19 October 1830 at the age of 17 upon his uncle s death On 31 January 1831 on the island of Kom in the Monastery of Vranjina, the Archbishop of Rascia Prizren declared him as the official Archimandrite Radivoj received the name Petar II in his predecessor s honour.Peter II has contributed greatly to education by founding the first public Elementary School in Cetinje, Montenegro s capital in 1834 In 1836, he published The ABC of the Montenigrin language In 1838 he also published The Serbian Grammar He also re printed the school textbooks originally printed by his uncle Petar I Petrovi Njego The Serbian elementary reading book.In 1845, Peter II published the Ray of the Microcosm, an impressive, masterfully written philosophical work In 1846, Peter wrote a collection of Montenegrin national poems the Serbian mirror in honor of one of the greatest Russian writers Pushkin.In 1846 and 1847, Peter II was in Vienna, the Austrian Imperial capital There, he published in 1847 The Mountain Wreath his most famous work It described the will of the Serbian people to fight for freedom in 2,819 verses The same year, 1847, Njego wrote the Pseudo Tsar Stephen the Small, where he described the life of the first uniter and ruler of modern Montenegro Tsar Stephen the Small from the 18th century In late 1848 and early 1849, Prince Bishop Peter II assisted the Revolutionary fights of Croatian Ban Josip Jela i and maintained close ties with the Principality of Serbia In 1851, Peter II caught tuberculosis He paid a visit to Italy the same year, 1851, attempting to find a cure Peter II Njego died in Cetinje of tuberculosis on 31 October October 19 Old Style 1851 exactly 21 year after his accession to the throne he was buried in a small chapel on top of Mount Lov en where his mausoleum was built.

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