Chicken with Plums In November Nasser Ali Khan one of Iran s most celebrated tar players is in search of a new instrument His beloved tar has been broken But no matter what tar he tries none of them sound right

  • Title: Chicken with Plums
  • Author: Marjane Satrapi
  • ISBN: 9780375424151
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In November 1955, Nasser Ali Khan, one of Iran s most celebrated tar players, is in search of a new instrument His beloved tar has been broken But no matter what tar he tries, none of them sound right Brokenhearted, Nasser Ali Khan decides that life is no longer worth living He takes to his bed, renouncing the world and all of its pleasures This is the story of the eiIn November 1955, Nasser Ali Khan, one of Iran s most celebrated tar players, is in search of a new instrument His beloved tar has been broken But no matter what tar he tries, none of them sound right Brokenhearted, Nasser Ali Khan decides that life is no longer worth living He takes to his bed, renouncing the world and all of its pleasures This is the story of the eight days he spends preparing to surrender his soul.

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    1. Marjane Satrapi

      Marjane Satrapi Persian is an Iranian born French contemporary graphic novellist, illustrator, animated film director, and children s book author Apart from her native tongue Persian, she speaks English, Swedish, German, French and Italian.Satrapi grew up in Tehran in a family which was involved with communist and socialist movements in Iran prior to the Iranian Revolution She attended the Lyc e Fran ais there and witnessed, as a child, the growing suppression of civil liberties and the everyday life consequences of Iranian politics, including the fall of the Shah, the early regime of Ruhollah Khomeini, and the first years of the Iran Iraq War She experienced an Iraqi air raid and Scud missile attacks on Tehran According to Persepolis, one Scud hit the house next to hers, killing her friend and entire family.Satrapi s family are of distant Iranian Azeri ancestry and are descendants of Nasser al Din Shah, Shah of Persia from 1848 until 1896 Satrapi said that But you have to know the kings of the Qajar dynasty, they had hundreds of wives They made thousands of kids If you multiply these kids by generation you have, I don t know, 10 15,000 princes and princesses There s nothing extremely special about that She added that due to this detail, most Iranian families would be, in the words of Simon Hattenstone of The Guardian, blue blooded In 1983, at the age of 14 Satrapi was sent to Vienna, Austria by her parents in order to flee the Iranian regime There she attended the Lyc e Fran ais de Vienne According to her autobiographical graphic novel, Persepolis, she stayed in Vienna through her high school years, staying in friends homes, but spent three months living on the streets After an almost deadly bout of pneumonia, she returned to Iran She studied Visual Communication, eventually obtaining a Master s Degree from Islamic Azad University in Tehran.During this time, Satrapi went to numerous illegal parties hosted by her friends, where she met a man named Reza, a veteran of the Iran Iraq War She married him at the age of 21, but divorced roughly three years later Satrapi then moved to Strasbourg, France.

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    1. Chicken with Plums tells the heartrending story of a celebrated Iranian musician who gives up his life for music and love.When Nasser Ali Khan, Marjane Satrapi s great uncle, discovers that his beloved instrument is irreparably damaged, he takes to his bed, renouncing the world and all its pleasures Over the course of the week that follows, we are treated to vivid scenes of his encounters with family and friends, flashbacks to his childhood, and flash forwards to his children s future And as the [...]

    2. Marjane Satrapi is an author who needs no introduction Through Persepolis she enchanted millions of readers across the globe with a brilliantly crafted graphic memoir detailing the events of her life and times Her insights, keen eye for details, refreshing sense of humor and fantastic storytelling abilities made each of the cartoon frames in Persepolis brim with the essence of life.Through Chicken with Plums, Marjane Satrapi once again wields her magic wand to weave an emotional and dramatic tal [...]

    3. On the face of it, Chicken and Plums is simply a story about Nassir Ali Kahn, a revered musician, who is on a search for a new tar because his favorite one has been broken His search leads him far, including humor and disappointment, for one that will sound as beautiful as his former, beloved one did Sadly, other tars, no matter how expensive, fail to satisfy him and he therefore decides life is not worth living and lies down waiting to die.We learn much though, as after he makes the decision t [...]

    4. Another brilliant, graphic novel from Satrapi This one is not long at all in fact, I read the whole thing in less than an hour s time.Chicken With Plums is a story about Satrapi s great uncle, Nasser Ali Khan Nasser Ali Khan is a musician who decides to die after his beloved tar is broken by his wife His marriage is pretty much a disaster, and as the novel progresses, we find out exactly why this is so and it just so happens to be the same reason for why Nasser Ali Khan is so very upset over his [...]

    5. I saw the movie of Satrapi s Persepolis and found it deeply irritating But, being a pioneer in the graphic novel form hell, a lone populiser of the form I had to read something by her This graphic novella must I start a separate shelf for shorter graphic works is a melancholy folktale about a poor musician whose wife snaps his tar like a sitar in two Finding no replacement for his prize instrument, he takes to his bed to die, where he reflects on his thwarted life marrying the wrong woman, negle [...]

    6. This is a beautiful graphic novel about an Iranian musician who is heartbroken and who decides he doesn t want to go on living Nasser Ali is unhappily married and is upset that his beloved instrument, a tar that was given to him by his teacher, has been broken He tries to find a new tar, but is always disappointed in the quality Nasser crawls into his bed and refuses to leave for several days The only thing that gives him pleasure during this time is his favorite meal, chicken with plums.The sto [...]

    7. Chicken with Plums is the story of Nasser Ali Khan, one of Iran s most cherished tar traditional string instrument players One day his tar is broken and Nasser Ali tries to replace it alas no other tar is good enough That leads him to fall into a deep depression and decide to kill himself The book then shares Nasser Ali s final 8 days interspersed with snippets of his and his family s lives from both past and future A beautiful graphic novel in the same art style as beloved The Complete Persepol [...]

    8. Zanimljivo predstavljeni koncepti ljubavi, ocekivanja, samodestrukcije i inspiracije Crtez je bas lijep i sve je nekako melankolicno nije sve prekrasno u crtezu kao u npr Habibi, gdje je svaka stranica malo umjetnicko djelce , ali mi se ovdje bas jako svidaju jednostavne linije Zapravo sam uzela usporedivati to dvoje zbog melankolicnog tona u svakom potezu i svakoj rijeci.Posebno dirljiv trenutak je kad Naser u krevetu razmislja o tome kako se netko uporno moli za njegovu dusu i na taj nacin mu [...]

    9. Nasser Ali Khan es el protagonista de esta melanc lica historia donde Satrapi vuelve a la biograf a de al parecer un pariente suyo muy reconocido por tocar el Tar En la novela vemos los ltimos 8 d as de vida de Nasser y Satrapi juega con saltos temporales que nos llevan a conocer mejor la vida de Nasser y su familia Desde el principio se revela c mo ser el desenlace de la novela, sin embargo no es hasta el final que Sarapi nos da sorpresas que nos dejan un hoyo en el coraz n.

    10. Satrapi relates the death of her great uncle and celebrated musician Nassar Ali Khan with the cool detachment of a reporter Her drawings and captions do not reveal how she views the events she shares with us Her uncle took to his bed one day and decided he was going to die It appears to have taken him eight days.The explanation Satrapi offers us is that he lived for his music When his beautiful instrument was broken by his wife in a moment of rage, he never imagined his talent would abandon him [...]

    11. Chicken with plums, candies and gums, clapping and drums, laughter and jumps.This is how the title makes you feel but believe me its far from it Marjane Satrapi and her beautiful picture books can make even the most grim subjects a bag of laughter She brings in the amazing human ability to laugh and live life even in the most hopeless situations This book is the testimony to it as Marjane narrates 8 days before death of Naseer Ali Khan, his broken tar and heart He lay there waiting for death to [...]

    12. Chicken with Plums is based on the true story of Satrapi s great uncle, Nasser Ali, a famous Iranian musician, whose Tar is destroyed by his wife After deciding that he has nothing else to live for he takes to his bed and waits to die Eight days later he dies In between Nasser s wife, brother, sister, and children all try to convince him to stay in the living world as he dreams of what the future might be Chickens with Plums has the same great artwork of Persepolis that places the focus on the c [...]

    13. This is a story of eight days in 1958 Tehran A cranky old man has taken to bed to die There are flashbacks and flash forwards from several perspectives The man s regret and sorrow are taken to his grave but revealed to us As in her three previous novels, Satrapi portrays brilliantly funny and resolute characters The main one here is distantly related to her than the ones in her earlier stories In addition, he is a man and I think that gender plays a part in Satrapi s characterization I liked th [...]

    14. More like a 3.5 reallyI enjoyed the story, it was interesting to read and surprising at the end I didn t suspect the woman on the street to be the one girl the musician was in love with before Also I like the realism of the characters, they are not stereotypically portrayed or forced into a typical story with a hero, antagonistic character, good vs bad, etc It was a good plot to first introduce the character and his end, so readers were made curious on how the musician came to his end in those 7 [...]

    15. It was short, but our time together was just wonderful I don t think it was as focused and fleshed out like Persepolis, but I don t fault Marjane for it Persepolis was a personal story that Marjane LIVED, Chicken with Plums is also a very personal story, but it s about events well before her time It s incredible she was able to weave such a compelling personal tale, with what was probably second hand information Scraps here and there from different people, all of a man she never knew and yet she [...]

    16. Whereas Marjane Satrapi s most main stream work, Persepolis is a graphic novel, Chicken with Plums is of a graphic short story The limited page count belies the power of the story, and indeed forces a precision upon the bittersweet musician s tale that brings the point home all the effectively.The story ostensibly covers eight days in the life of Satrapi s great uncle and renowned tar player, Nassar Ali, but the use of flashbacks provide insights into the family and personal histories which ul [...]

    17. It s easy to be disappointed in this book if you expect something of the scale and depth of the author s Persepolis But Satrapi has set out to tell a different kind of story in this book, and judging by that, I d say she has come much closer to succeeding than some reviews here might suggest Telling her story twice, first from an outsider s point of view and then from the perspective of the main character, Satrapi gives a postmodern twist to her material And filling in what were surely the scant [...]

    18. Reading Persepolis made me a fan, not just of the graphic novel, but also of Marjane Satrapi as an artist I added a few of her books to my To Read list on , and this was the first one that I ve read so far It is a moving account of a man who loses love and the decline to which such loss leads This book is less sweeping than Persepolis but no less personal or touching It s about Marjane s great uncle, Nasser Ali, and the events that lead up to his death Satrapi s illustrations are excellent, of c [...]

    19. Every once and awhile you come across a story that is so tragic that it goes beyond a story and becomes a beautiful work of art The story that Marjane Satrapis has given us is such a work, combined with her art this story leaves the reader touched and unable to feel anything but the beauty and the tragedy of the characters From the lessons she offers on life, and love, to the simplistic lessons of faith and the tragic condition that so many find themselves in, this book will leave even the most [...]

    20. A moving, psychological examination of a man facing suicide I ve been reading lots of Satrapi s work lately, I guess out of shame that I slept on her for so long I really enjoy her stories and she tells them with lots of honesty and insight.This could have been a digress chapter in Persepolis as it concerns one of Satrapi s relatives in Iran in the 50s and continues her exploration of society and culture in 20th century Iran.Its a short book at only 80 pages, but it tells a complete story about [...]

    21. Rated 3 5 starsA non fiction graphic novel memoir about Nasser Ali Khan, a famous Iranian tar player who one day chose to stay in bed and wait for death to come to him after he was unable to replace his tar that was broken by his wife during a heated argument In the days leading up to his death, readers are shown the regrets Nasser had in his life, stories of how he became so good playing the tar, how he met his wife and also a reflection of his actions.A book about life to learn, absorb and con [...]

    22. I prefer when she s telling stories of women, such as Embroideries and Persepolis This is a story of an artist with a broken instrument and a broken heart He realizes he can t fix neither of them, so he decides to die In the final eight days of his life we get to know him and his story, the people, the connections, his loves and disappointments Him flirting with depression at least once before.

    23. I was just really disappointed by the book I do really enjoy the author s illustrations, but I just didn t really like the story It was sad and depressing as if follows a musician who has become a stranger to his wife and children, despite the fact that he lives with them I just thought it was a big downer I don t really want to read about a comic who as given up on life.

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